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Oxford Scientists Endorse The Benefits Of The CE5 Clearomizer

The CE5 clearomizer is new and improved and is pushing the CE4 clearomizer out of the way for the position of best clearomizer on the market. The CE5 Cartomizer has five longer wicks to improve performance! The CE5’s longer wicks reach the bottom drop and has the same capacity for liquid. It’s much easier for the cartomizer to make more vapor and better throat hits!

Professor at workOxford Scientists applaud the new CE5 clearomizer

Oxford scientists are lauding the benefits of the CE5 Cartomizer such as their unique commitment to BPA free plastic. The Clearmoizer comes with dual longer wicks. These wicks help with liquid loading to produce a larger vapor. This contributes to the quality hits. As does the Clearomizer tank system. This system is really easy to refill. There’s no burning smell or risk of anything leaking.The plastic materials are BPA free, the only ecig manufacturer on the market that uses BPA free materials for clearomizers. The calibrations make for easy refill control and the CE5 is compatible with many different batteries including the eGo-t and the eGo-W as well as the eG0-C and 510 thread.

You can get the new CE5 clearomizer from this website: http://ec247.co.uk